ET Deals: Up Your Security Game with the Humble Cybersecurity Bundle

ET Deals: Up Your Security Game with the Humble Cybersecurity Bundle

Internet service providers, black hats, government entities, and advertising companies alike are doing their best to compromise your security. So if you want to protect yourself, you’re going to need a wide range of tools. And right now, Humble is offering up a load of services on the cheap.

• Humble Software Bundle: Cybersecurity

ET Deals: Up Your Security Game with the Humble Cybersecurity Bundle

For as little as a single dollar, you can nab a full year of System Mechanic, one month of Private Internet Access’s VPN service, and a credit of $25 for ProtonMail Plus secure email.

Pay at least $1

If you’re willing to pay more than what most people paid for the bundle, you’ll get the Prey anti-theft service, the Vipre antivirus solution, and the TrackOFF software to bypass trackers.

Beat The Average

Bump up to $15, and a whopping $583 of software and services will be yours. Beyond what’s already been listed, this also grants access to one-year memberships to the Dashlane password manager, the AdGuard anti-ad service, a Private Internet Access, and SpiderOak ONE’s secure cloud backup.

Pay at least $15

By default, a portion of your purchase will go toward the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Not only is the EFF a beloved digital rights org, but it also has a a four-star rating on Charity Navigator – no small feat!

Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Humble site for more information.

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