ET Deals: Over $250 Worth of D&D Comic for just $15 with Humble Comics Bundle

ET Deals: Over $250 Worth of D&D Comic for just $15 with Humble Comics Bundle

Dungeons & Dragons has a long history as a franchise dedicated to letting us all tell stories. And while players do a lot of the heavy lifting, the setting and lore are also worth exploring in mediums other than tabletop games. So if you’d like to explore the Forgotten Realms in comic form, the Humble Comics Bundle by IDW is packed full of excellent D&D entertainment.

• Humble Comics Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons 2018 by IDW Publishing

ET Deals: Over $250 Worth of D&D Comic for just $15 with Humble Comics Bundle

Pony up a buck, and five multi-format D&D comics will be yours. Plus, the preview of volume two of the quarterly Full Bleed will be yours to peruse.

Pay a minimum of $1

Jump up to the $8 level, and you’ll get all the books from the previous tier plus five additional DRM-free comics to keep forever.

Pay a minimum of $8

Now, if your love of D&D comics goes way back, you’re going to want to invest in the $15 tier. All of the books mentioned above will be available, and a dozen more books will be unlocked to boot. And since a large portion are classics, your nostalgia will be well-served.

Pay a minimum of $15

As with every Humble Bundle, part of your purchase goes toward charity. For this bundle, a chunk of the purchase price will help Hasbro Children’s Fund through the Tides Foundation.

Sale Ends: July 25th, 2018 at 11AM PT

Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Humble site for more information.

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