ET Deals: Race, Fish, and Score Big with the Humble Sports Bundle

ET Deals: Race, Fish, and Score Big with the Humble Sports Bundle

Are you ready to compete? Even those of us without any athletic skills can jump in and enjoy the sporting life with the Humble Sports Bundle. With $220 worth of PC sports games, now’s your chance to get in a little virtual fishing before the summer is over.

• Humble Sports Bundle

ET Deals: Race, Fish, and Score Big with the Humble Sports Bundle

Even if your interest is small or fleeting, the $1 minimum for this bundle is absolutely worth it. You can get three incredible games that provide dozens of hours worth of entertainment for less than what you’d pay for a fast food burger.

Pay a minimum of $1

Want a bit more? Simply pay more than the average bundle price, and you’ll get Steam codes for three more games. And as a nice bonus, a 75 percent off coupon for Football Manager 2018 is thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Beat the average price

If you’re really invested, you can spend at least 12 bucks to unlock Codemaster’s F1 2017 as well. And if you subscribe to the Humble Monthly service, you’ll get an extra $2 credit too.

Pay a minimum of $12

These discounts are great, but Humble Bundles are also focused on helping charity. This time, the UK charity Access Sport will benefit through the PayPal Giving Fund. They work on the availability of sports programs for young people, so your money can help them get kids active.

Sale Ends: August 14th, 2018 at 11AM PT

Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Humble site for more information.

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