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If you need a simple gallery for your community events, searching for a full-stack developer or have something exotic in mind - we can deal with it. Content grabbing, migration, various bots and parsers, user activity emulation, automated client-side calculations and more.

You can always keep track of several things we made in portfolio. We also do a lot of stuff, that can't be easily seen, like server setup and security analysis.

We usually use, but not limited to:

Linux nginx Apache MariaDB MySQL php MODX MongoDB NodeJS HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap PaintTool SAI

Our team

Administrator and a nice guy.
DevOps, _slightly_ paranoid.
Artist and content manager. A creative person.
Neo Anderson
Persistent man with a googol of ideas.
Yuriy Finiv
Where everyone fails - he succeeds.
Can join us as well.


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