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ET Deals: Black Friday Pricing on Roomba 675 and Fire HD 8, 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD only $200

iRobot's Roomba 675 is one of the best selling robot vacs on the market that offers powerful suction and an easy to use smartphone interface. Best of all, you can get it now for $199, which matches the excellent price we saw on this vacuum on Black Friday.

The New Moto Razr Launches February 6th After Short Delay

Verizon now says it's ready to release the device on February 6th, and pre-orders go live on January 26th. However, the phone will cost quite a bit more than your average, non-foldable device.

Get The CompTIA Certification Training Your IT Career Needs For Under $90 Today

Across these 14 courses featuring more than 300 hours of training, you’ll plunge into every facet of handling the industry’s most common hardware and software technologies.

Australian Crater Confirmed as World’s Oldest Impact Structure

The Yarrabubba crater was formed by an impact some 2.2 billion years ago, making it the oldest known impact crater on Earth. This date also suggests that the Yarrabubba impact may have helped Earth claw its way out of a global ice age.

2020 Kia Telluride Review: The New Benchmark for Midsize SUVs

Tour de force, tour de Telluride: Every model has all the active and passive safety assistance you'd want. Kia could raise the price five grand and the Telluride would still be a great deal.

Microsoft is Testing Ads in Wordpad You Might Actually Be Glad to See

Microsoft found another place to squeeze ads into Windows 10. Surprisingly, you might even find these ads useful.

Opera Accused of Operating Predatory Loan Apps on Android

According to a new report, Opera has launched several shady loan apps in the Play Store that violate Google's policies by charging exorbitant interest rates for very short-term loans.

ET Deals: Dell XPS 13 Intel Core i5 Laptop w/ 4K Touchscreen Display $849, Amazon Fire HD 10 for $99, $250 Off Roomba 960

If the high-end Dell laptop we featured Friday peaked your interest but was a bit outside of your price range, then you are going to love today's top deal. This similar laptop features the same premium build quality and high-end 4K touchscreen all for the low price of $849.99.

Tesla: Claims of Unintended Acceleration Are ‘Completely False’

Tesla has issued an official response to last week's claims of unintended acceleration, and it's leaving no question as to its position. Tesla says the petition is completely false.

Reminder: HP’s ‘Cheap’ Instant Ink Program Requires Monthly Payments, Constant Monitoring

Just a reminder that HP's Instant Ink service requires a 24/7 internet connection, monthly service plan, and charges you extra for using your printer too much. It only makes economic sense if you're a very specific kind of user.

Apple Abandoned Encrypted iCloud Backups After FBI Intervened

According to a new report, Apple dropped plans that would have made user data even more secure by encrypting backups. It made this course change after the FBI quietly expressed concern that it could harm investigations.

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Review: Testing With Third-Gen Ryzen

The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT hits store shelves today. We decided to take it for a spin in an all-AMD system for exploring overall performance against Team Green.