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Welcome to the Dystopia: Amazon Unveils Scout Delivery Robots

We've all heard about Prime Air, the drone delivery program currently hamstrung by US restrictions on commercial drones. However, the company just rolled out a new ground-based robotic delivery service in one community north of Seattle. It's called Amazon Scout.

LG Teases Touchless Gestures in Upcoming LG G8

The teaser video doesn't include much in the way of details. It promises we can say "goodbye" to touch, but that might be overselling it.

Samsung’s New 970 Evo Plus SSD Boosts Performance, Cuts Price

Samsung's 970 EVO Plus improves on the original in every way, with better MSRPs, lower power consumption, and higher overall performance.

Intel Reportedly Gearing Up For Major 7nm EUV Expansion at D1X Fab

Intel may be planning a major 7nm EUV expansion at its D1X facility in Oregon.

This May Be the Last Year Apple Uses LCD Panels in iPhones

A report from the Wall Street Journal says Apple will be all OLED from 2020 onward.

Project Treble Has Made Android Updates Faster

This is the first update cycle when Treble could make a difference. So, is it? Probably!

Why Won’t Apple Support Nvidia Silicon With macOS Mojave?

Nvidia GPU owners looking to run macOS 10.14 (Mojave) are locked out of doing so, even unofficially. It isn't at all clear why.

ESA Wants to Start Mining the Moon by 2025

Mining materials on the moon could aid future manned missions, and the European Space Agency (ESA) aims to begin testing mining technologies on the moon with a 2025 robotic mission.

ET Deals: $150 off 10.5-inch iPad Pro, Dell Precision 3420 Workstation Desktop for $490

For a limited time, Amazon is selling the 64GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro for just $500. With Apple pencil support, an A10X Fusion chip, smart keyboard compatibility, and a killer Retina display, this is a steal with today's 23 percent discount.

Some Apple Laptops Require $600 Repair to Fix $6 ‘Flexgate’ Problem

Apple's design decisions on the MacBook Pro are vastly complicating what ought to be a very simple repair.

New WD Black SN750 SSD Slashes Prices, Adds 2TB Model

Western Digital's new WD Black SN750 SSD promises much-improved pricing and new top-end capacities.

New Study Casts Doubt on Planet Nine Hypothesis

Science doesn't consider Pluto a planet anymore, but some believe there's a still-undiscovered ninth planet out there tweaking the orbit of small planetoids. A new study calls into question that idea.