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Documents Reveal Apple Was Aware of iPhone 6 ‘Bendgate’ Issues Before Launch

Apple denied these problems were widespread, but it worked to mitigate them internally while gaslighting users.

Elon Musk Gets in Spitting Match With Media. It Won’t Be Our Stock That Stumbles.

As Tesla endures solvable setbacks, Elon Musk lashes back at the media and analysts. Then he proposes a media-rating site ideally Pravda, Russian for "truth."

T-Mobile Online Tool Let Anyone Get Customer Info With a Phone Number

According to security researcher Ryan Stevenson, T-Mobile wasn't taking account security very seriously.

Apple Blocks Valve’s New Steam Mobile Gaming App

Valve's Steam Link app will allow for game streaming — but Apple is refusing to approve the app. So far, the feature is Android-only.

Microsoft Fixes Issues With Windows 10 Update on Intel, Toshiba SSDs

If you're using an Intel 600p SSD or Pro 6000p, Microsoft has patched the issue that kept these SSDs from using the April 2018 update.

Report: Essential Cancels Second Phone, May Put Itself Up for Sale

According to sources inside the company, discussions are focused on unloading the entire firm along with its patent portfolio.

Pornhub Launches Free VPN That’s Totally Not Exclusively for Porn

Pornhub says its new VPNhub service is designed to keep your online activity safe from prying eyes and censorship.

ET Memorial Day Deals: Dell 27-inch 144Hz 1440p Monitor for $400, 65-inch Vizio for $600, and more

have accumulated all of the very best deals from around the web. Top-notch items like the 144Hz Dell S2716DG gaming monitor, the Apple iPad Mini 4, and the quad-core Dell XPS 13 laptop are all on sale right now.

Avast Finds Pre-installed Android Malware on Hundreds of Phones You’ll Never Use

Avast researchers report that several hundred different Android devices are shipping with malware pre-installed, but as usual, the hysteria doesn't align with reality.

Apple’s Self-Driving Car Project With VW is the Sad Trombone Coda to Its Original Plans

Apple's once-mighty plan to transform the entire automotive industry has been reduced to an anemic idea for a few campus shuttles.

Uber Self-Driving Car Had 6 Seconds to Avoid Fatal Pedestrian Crash

A preliminary report on Uber's self-driving crash doesn't leave the company looking particularly great, and raises important questions about the future of self-driving car tests.

IBM’s AI-Enabled Smartphone Scanner Can Detect Counterfeit Goods

An experienced wine connoisseur can probably tell at a glance if that $1,000 bottle is the genuine article, but most of us cannot. A properly trained machine learning algorithm might be able to help with that.