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ET Deals: Enjoy Science Fiction and Erotic Comics from Top Cow for Just $1

Want to expand your comic book horizons? Right now, you can pick up more than $750 worth of multi-format digital comics from the folks at Top Cow.

Nintendo: Don’t Expect an N64 Classic Edition

According to Fils-Aimé, the classic consoles were intended as a limited-run — one-off devices that do not dictate Nintendo's strategy going forward.

Nvidia Stock Plummets on High Inventory Fears

Nvidia's stock price has been hammered since last night when the company announced it would ship no midrange GeForce cards in Q4 to let the channel work through inventory.

Microsoft May Launch Xbox One Without a Disc Drive

Today, most games you purchase on disc have big patches to download and online features to set up, so why not do away with the discs entirely? Microsoft is reportedly planning to do just that.

2020 Toyota Corolla Shames Luxury Sedans With Standard Safety Suite

Safety is no option with the 2020 Corolla. Corolla and Honda Civic may luxe-shame luxury barges with less baked-in safety at 2X-3X the price.

No One Wants to Talk About How Completely We Were Lied to

Facebook, other social media companies, and Silicon Valley more generally have been lying through their teeth about the design of their own products and the role they play in modern life.

NOAA’s GOES-17 Satellite Reaches Final Location, Sends Back Awesome Images

GOES-17 launched in March of this year, and it sent back a few images shortly after that. Now, it's finally reached its final destination over the Pacific Ocean, and it's beaming back some stunning images and lots of atmospheric data.

AMD’s New RX 590 Unambiguously Beats the GTX 1060

AMD's new RX 590 is a clear victor over the GTX 1060 but costs significantly more than last year's RX 580.

Researchers Create ‘Master Fingerprints’ to Unlock Phones

The team managed to create so-called "DeepMasterPrints" that can fool a sensor without a sample of the real user's fingerprints.

Hynix Demos First 16Gb DDR5-5200 DIMMs

Hynix has demonstrated the first 16Gb DDR5-5200 DIMMs with commercialization planned for 2020.

ET Deals: Dell 27-inch QHD UltraSharp for $300, $600 off Vizio 65-inch P-Series 4K TV

If you'd like a nice high-res monitor that won't devastate your bank account, today's sale on the 27-inch Dell UltraSharp U2717D is hard to pass by. With a 1440p resolution, in-plane switching, and support for loads of connections, this display is a solid purchase at just 300 bucks.

Sharp Announces the Aquos R2 With 2 Screen Notches

You need only look at recent phone launches to see that screen notches are very in right now. If one is good, then maybe two would be even better?