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NASA Reports Undetected Asteroid Explosion in Upper Atmosphere

NASA has reported a significant meteor explosion in Earth's atmosphere several months ago — and we didn't see it coming.

SpaceX Tests Starship Heat Shield as It Prepares for Test Flight

The Starship will use a network of hexagonal tiles to guard against the heat of re-entry, and CEO Elon Musk just shared a short video of those tiles being tested under intense heat.

Fan Works to Remaster Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in 1080p HD, Using AI

Paramount has no interest in remastering DS9. Maybe fans can fill in.

Tim Sweeney: The Epic Game Store Doesn’t Spy on People

Users are concerned about the Epic Game Store's privacy practices. While there's no proof of outright nefarious activity, Tim Sweeney's comments didn't tamp things down as much as he may have hoped.

Ethiopian Airlines Black Box Data Retrieved, Shows Similarities to Lion Air Crash

An analysis of the black box data from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 shows similarities with Lion Air 610. Meanwhile, Boeing may have changed how the MCAS system works without informing the FAA.

Mercury Is Actually the Closest Planet to Every Other Planet

Numerous websites, and even NASA itself, say Venus is our closest planetary neighbor. A new article in Physics Today lays out a more accurate way to determine which planets are closest together.

ET Deals: Get Civilization VI With Humble Strategy Bundle

Let's engage our brains, and think our way through a ton of great strategy games with this year's Humble Strategy Bundle. For just $15, you can get $247 worth of rad games that are redeemable on Steam.

MIT Creates Soft Robotic Gripper That Can Lift 100 Times Its Weight

The origami "magic ball" gripper doesn't try to imitate our hands, but it can still hold 100 times its weight.

Hypervelocity Star Flung Out of Milky Way May Have Unusual Origin

Scientists have discovered an unusual origin story for one of the fastest, largest objects we've ever discovered.

Most Android Anti-Malware Apps Don’t Offer Any Protection

A new analysis from Austrian antivirus testers AV-Comparatives claims that most AV apps on Android are ineffective, and some are downright frauds.

Tesla Model Y Unveiled: An Affordable (Sort of) Midsize EV Crossover

Affordability starts at $40,200 in spring 2021, but you can't place an order yet. The cheapest one you can order today is $48,200 (plus options): the Model Y Long Wait. Sorry, we meant Model Y Long Range.

NASA May Launch Orion Crew Module on Commercial Rocket

It might seem like we've been talking about the Space Launch System (SLS) for years, and that's because we have been. NASA began this ambitious project in 2011, eventually settling on Boeing as the primary contractor for what will be the most powerful rocket in the world. It's not ready to fly yet, and NASA is getting impatient.