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ET Deals: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 $207 and Nintendo Switch With $25 Gift Card

Memorial Day is almost here, and retailers everywhere are pushing out deals in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. Today, we've got excellent deals on devices that range from one of AMD's high-end Ryzen 7 processors to a versatile home cooking aid and everything in between.

Intel Launches NUCs With Radeon RX 540 GPU, Soldered DRAM

Intel has updated its NUCs, with support for AMD's RX 540 and relatively high-end 15W CPUs.

SpaceX Successfully Launches Starlink Satellites

After a few false starts, SpaceX has successfully launched its first full batch of Starlink internet satellites. A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellites lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station overnight, and it deployed the satellite a short time later.

Google Duplex AI Still Needs a Lot of Help From Humans

We met Google Duplex at the I/O conference in 2018 when Google showed off a suspiciously realistic AI that could call and make appointments for you. The service has now rolled out to users of Google Assistant in most US states, but you may not be getting the full AI experience.

NASA Orders First Segment of Lunar Station for 2024 Artemis Moon Mission

NASA has awarded the first contract for the future orbiting lunar gateway we're building around the Moon.

Intel’s Silicon Photonics Work Could Supercharge AI Neural Networks

Intel has published new work on optical neural networks, showing they can be designed with fault-tolerance in mind, with latency and power efficiency theoretically far higher than silicon designs.

First Trailer Arrives for Upcoming Star Trek: Picard on CBS

CBS has released the first trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard, and our first look at Jean-Luc in over a decade.

ET Deals: Samsung 4K HDR Curved Smart TV for $419.99

As time goes on, the prices of faster and better computer components and home electronics just keep getting lower and lower.

DOJ: SpaceX Rockets Endangered By Forged Inspection Reports

According to the Department of Justice, an employee of PMI Industries allegedly forged signatures on at least 38 inspection documents.

New Research Warns of ‘Normal Accident’ From AI in Modern Warfare

Artificial intelligence continues to provide vital solutions to some very complex problems in this early stage but remains a looming threat as we consider its applications on the battlefield. New research details the impending risks and pins the fate of humanity on complex choices we will face in the near future.

Ford Shows Off Package Delivery Robot That Docks Inside Self-Driving Car

Companies like Amazon and Google are working on rolling and flying drones to make deliveries, but Ford is investigating the drone delivery game, too. Its vision for the future of "last mile" delivery is a walking robot called Digit that folds up inside a self-driving car.

Early Kickstarter Success Ouya Is Shutting Down for Good

After struggling for years, Ouya ended up in the hands of Razer. Now, Razer says the Ouya store and service will be shut down for good, ending this strange chapter in gaming history.