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ET Deals: Dell PowerEdge T30 Intel Xeon E3-1225 Quad-Core Server for $

If you're in the market for an affordable tower server, today's sale from Dell will definitely catch your eye. For a limited time, you can grab this quad-core PowerEdge T30 mini tower server at an astounding 63 percent discount.

Essential Teases Wacky Narrow Smartphone

The so-called "Project GEM" debuted on Twitter yesterday with an extremely unusual form factor. It's about half as wide as most phones, looking more like a fancy remote control than a phone.

This App Is Helping Readers Finish Books In Just 12 Minutes

The 12min Book Summary Library makes it easier than ever to power through important books on a wide range of interesting topics, and a lifetime premium subscription is available for over 85 percent off at just $39.

EA Recommends 32GB RAM for Jedi: Fallen Order, Before Altering the Dea

EA surprised gamers when it declared 32GB of RAM to be "recommended" for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but the company has modified its original claim.

Astronauts 3D-Print Beef on the International Space Station

For the first time, we've made synthetic meat in space aboard the International Space Station.

Google Might Start Certifying ‘Gaming Phones’

The gaming experience on smartphones can vary wildly depending on the hardware and software optimization, but Google might be planning to step in. According to a leaked document, Google wants to begin certifying Android gaming phones to make sure they're up to snuff.

A Vanished Martian Oasis Holds Clues to How the Red Planet Dried Out

There's fresh information from Curiosity on how Mars transformed from a wet world to a dry one. The new analysis shows the drying appears to have happened step-wise, rather than in a single climatic event.

US Government Blacklists 28 Chinese Facial Recognition and AI Companie

The US Commerce Department has updated its "Entity List" with 28 more Chinese firms, most of which are known for producing AI and facial recognition systems.

ET Deals: Apple Watch Series 4 $349, Dell Vostro Intel 10th Gen Core i

If you've been eyeing one of Apple's smartwatches then today is your lucky day. Right now you can get Apple's Watch Series 4 from Amazon for just $349.97, which is the lowest price we've seen to date.

Sony Shares Fresh Details on PlayStation 5, Will Launch Holidays 2020

Sony's Mark Cerny has dropped fresh details on the PlayStation 5, including some of the new features Sony will introduce with its upcoming console.

NYC Law Enforcement Has Been Cracking Locked iPhones for Almost 2 Year

Israeli forensics firm Cellebrite announced its new in-house phone cracking tool earlier this year, but a new report suggests law enforcement has had access to it since early 2018.

Fully Operational F-16 Fighter for Sale in Florida

Flying high-performance fighter jets usually requires years of training and successful navigation of military bureaucracy. Right now, it just requires about $8.5 million to buy a fully operational F-16 fighter that's on sale in Florida.