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The Palm Phone Is a Tiny Accessory for Your Real Phone

This device leaked a few weeks ago, and everyone agreed it seemed pretty strange. The actual device is even stranger than we thought it would be.

Most Commercially Available Graphene is Actually Pencil Lead

We now know why graphene research may have had so many problems over the last few years — most of the graphene you can buy isn't graphene at all.

Adobe Unleashes Avalanche of Creative Cloud Tools at MAX 2018

There is almost certainly something for every Creative Cloud user in the barrage of new features, tools, and apps that Adobe has unveiled this week at MAX 2018. Some are available now, while others are just sneak peeks. We'll take you through the highlights.

Corrected Intel Benchmarks Are Much More Favorable to AMD

Principled Technologies has updated its whitepaper and included a new set of AMD results run with the CPU in the proper mode.

TSMC Expected to Win Exclusive Orders for Apple’s 2019 A13 SoC

TSMC has reportedly locked down an exclusive for Apple's next A13 on its second-generation 7nm node.

‘Economical’ Turbo Four in Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Gets Just 21 MPG

Entry V6 engines from Ford, Ram get 2 mpg better than this new Chevrolet. The Silverado's V8 matches the turbo-four on highway mileage, 23 mpg for each.

ET Deals: Get Six Steam Games for $10 through Humble Bundle

Sick and tired of playing the same old games? This week’s Humble Discovery Pack offers up six great games and some top-shelf video content at a very affordable price. Jump in, and start playing something cool and very different right away. • Humble Discovery PackInstead of multiple tiers with different levels of unlocks, this Discovery…

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Goes Offline Just a Week After Hubble

The Chandra X-ray Observatory shut down on Oct. 10, and NASA is still assessing the situation to determine how it can get the satellite operational again.

Dinosaurs May Be to Blame for Human Sunburns

Why are we so vulnerable to sunlight when it's all around us? A new study seeks to explain this evolutionary conundrum, and it might all be thanks to the dinosaurs.

Hands On With Project Stream, an Impressive First Attempt at Game Streaming from Google

It's impressive for an initial test, but still clearly a test. It might be the way you play games in the future, though.

TSMC Announces First EUV 7nm Risk Production, 5nm Tapeouts in Q2 2019

TSMC has announced that it's taped out its first 7nm EUV design, with 5nm risk production planned for Q2 2019. Previous 7nm chips were and are built using conventional lithography.

Samsung Announces Galaxy A9 With 4 Rear Cameras

As everyone seems dead-set on increasing the number of cameras sensors on phones, Samsung has leapfrogged the competition by putting four cameras on the back of the A9.