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Nintendo Warns Its SNES, NES Classic Consoles Will Shortly Fade Away

Nintendo has given notice that its SNES and NES Classic hardware will not be on sale forever. Grab these systems soon if you intend to own them.

Intel Launches B365 Chipset, Welcomes 22nm Back to Production

Intel's 'new' 22nm chipsets are rolling out again, with some interesting feature improvements (and removals) compared with their 14nm counterparts.

Nvidia Stock Slides on Rumors of Major Investor Departure

Nvidia's stock has been hammered in recent months, with a major investor eyeing the exits.

BMW, Porsche Demo Super-Fast Electric Car Charger

These test vehicles showed that it's possible to get most of a charge from a high-power cable in just a few minutes, but it'll require new vehicles and infrastructure.

ET Deals: Soduku, Crosswords, Chess Strategies, and More for $1

Want to beef up your poker game? What about getting good at chess? This week's Humble Book Bundle by Wiley is designed to help you improve your strategies and overall competence with a bunch of marvelous DRM-free ebooks.

Parker Solar Probe Beams Back Data From the Sun’s Corona

Parker has already completed its first flyby of the sun's corona, and NASA says the probe's early performance is everything the team could have hoped for.

ET Deals: $100 off 128GB iPad, SkyTech Ryzen Gaming Desktops, and More

If you're in need of an iPad with a generous amount of storage, Walmart has your back. Currently, the most recent 128GB Wi-Fi iPad is being sold at a $100 discount. You can also find a 32GB iPad, Apple Watch, Google Pixel Buds, and more at a significant reduction in price.

Facebook Might Have Leaked Your Private Photos

Even if you never made a photo public, an app developer may have it.

Scientists Detect Hot Neptune Losing Atmosphere at an Extraordinary Rate

Scientists have detected a so-called Hot Neptune losing atmosphere extremely quickly, possibly explaining why we find so few of them in the first place.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Squid Kids Vs. Electric Rats

Nintendo is ending 2018 strong with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This fifth installment in the cherished crossover fighting series brings back every playable character to date and gives Switch owners something to crow about during game-of-the-year discussions.

New Bluetooth Tech Could Make AirPod Clones Much Better

Apple has managed to wean people off wires with AirPods, but most other true wireless options are comparatively lacking. A company called Tempow hopes to change that with a new Bluetooth technology.

Intel Shows Off New Gen11 Graphics, Teases Xe Discrete GPU

Intel's upcoming GPUs promise significantly improved performance and higher levels of efficiency relative to Skylake and its predecessors.