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Google Rolls Out Google One Storage Plans to Everyone

It's been a slow rollout for Google One so far, but now the service is launching widely.

Could the Intel Foreshadow Bug Break 4K Hardware DRM?

The Intel Foreshadow flaw might crack the DRM safe protecting 4K content on Windows 10.

ARM’s First Client PC Roadmap Makes Bold Claims, Doesn’t Back Them Up

ARM is publishing its first client PC roadmap today and going after Intel and the larger x86 market in the process.

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Worst Mouse Ever

Happy anniversary to one of the least ergonomic products ever created.

Astronomers Discover Tiny Galaxy Harboring Monster Black Hole

The black hole at the center of UCD3 has a mass of roughly 3.5 million suns. The entire galaxy is just a few dozen million solar masses.

Affordable 5G Could Fundamentally Change How You Receive Internet Service

5G service could collapse the distinction between cellular provider and ISP, fundamentally changing how consumers buy internet service — but only if that service is kept affordable.

Astronomers Detect Iron and Titanium on Exoplanet for the First Time

Scientists have taken a step toward better understanding the environment of exoplanets by studying a gas giant called KELT-9b. For the first time, scientists have detected iron and titanium on an exoplanet.

New Horizons Detects Wall of Hydrogen Around the Solar System

NASA redirected New Horizons deeper into the Kuiper Belt, and now it has detected something fascinating at the edge of the solar system. Out past the planets, asteroids, and even the comets of the Oort Cloud, there's a wall of hydrogen.

Fortnite Android Beta Roundup: Disappointing, Frustrating, Samsung-Only

Fortnite's long-awaited Android debut is anything but glorious. You're better off playing something else.

SpaceX Says Manned Dragon Flight On Schedule for April 2019

NASA has to pay big bucks for every seat on a Soyuz mission, but the long-delayed Commercial Crew Program is supposed to change that by giving NASA access to private launch vehicles. SpaceX is now promising that its schedule is locked in and there won't be any more delays.

New Speculative Execution Security Flaw Cracks Intel’s Software Guard Extensions

A new attack vector against Intel CPUs has been discovered — based, once again, on speculative execution.

Top 5 Features Still Missing From Chrome OS

You have to make compromises if you choose to live with Chrome OS, but you shouldn't have to make quite this many.