The OnePlus 6 Will Be Unveiled on May 16

The OnePlus 6 Will Be Unveiled on May 16

OnePlus stopped selling the OnePlus 5T a few weeks ago, and that usually means a new smartphone is on the way from the Chinese company. Sure enough, OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 6 will be revealed in just a couple more weeks. The big day is May 16th, and there’s an event happening in London that’s open to fans. It won’t be easy to get into, though.

While the phone isn’t official yet, we have a good idea what it will offer based on a combination of leaks and information from OnePlus itself. The company confirmed just the other day that it would use a glass back design for the OnePlus 6, which will be a first for OnePlus. Its past phones have had textured sandstone material or anodized aluminum bodies, but high-end phones are all using glass now. Therefore, OP is using glass, too. I would not expect wireless charging.

This will also be the first phone from OnePlus that sports a screen notch. This gap in the screen up top makes room for the camera, earpiece, and other sensors. The notch is a contentious design decision, to say the least, but it’s one we’re going to see on a lot of phones going forward. OnePlus is also somewhat limited in what it can do design-wise as it gets much of its hardware from parent company Oppo. The OnePlus 6 is expected to use the Oppo R15 design as a base.

You will need a ticket to attend the London launch event, and all the early bird tickets are gone. Those were just $21, but the regular $41 tickets will go on sale this Friday. OnePlus says you’ll get swag more than equal to the cost of the ticket at the event. Last year, fans got a backpack, t-shirt, stickers, and a $40 coupon for the phone.

The OnePlus 5T
The OnePlus 5T

If you can’t attend the event, OnePlus is streaming the announcement live. It’ll happen at 3:01 PM Eastern time on Friday. It is unclear if you’ll be able to pre-order the phone immediately after the event. It won’t be as cheap as past OP phones, though.

Smartphones keep getting more expensive, but OnePlus phones have always offered similar hardware as the market leaders for much less money. We don’t know what the OP6 launch price will be, but it’s safe to say it’ll be a little more than the 5T. That phone started at $499, and each generation has been slightly more expensive than the last.

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