Google Rolls Out Google One Storage Plans to Everyone

Google Rolls Out Google One Storage Plans to Everyone

Google announced a new subscription platform earlier this year called Google One. It’s centered around Google Drive storage, but it also has family sharing, priority support, and other perks. It’s been a slow rollout for Google One so far, but now the service is launching widely. If you’re looking for cheaper online storage plans, Google One is probably your best bet.

Previously, Google just offered the $10 monthly fee for 1TB of storage in Google Drive. With Google One, you also have a 100GB plan for $1.99 per month and a 200GB for $2.99 monthly. The $9.99 pricing tier still exists, but it now includes 2TB of storage instead of 1TB. That’s still twice what Dropbox offers on its base consumer plan.

The nature of that storage is still the same — it applies to almost all the services under Google’s umbrella. You can dump files into Drive, but it also covers things like Gmail storage and full-resolution uploads to Google Photos.

A new addition to Google One: You can now share your storage allotment with up to five family members connected to you with the Family Sharing feature. So, you can get the 2TB plan (or even a smaller one) and split that up among everyone in the house instead of paying for multiple plans. This connects to other Google sharing features like the Play Store and YouTube Music.

Google One subscribers also get instant access to live human support 24/7 in the event of account or functionality issues. This marks the first time Google has offered any sort of support guarantee for consumers — G Suite remains the best way for businesses to get support and added features. The One app has options to reach support via, chat, phone, and email. Google One subscribers will also see special deals on travel and hotels when searching Google Maps. We don’t know the nature of these deals, yet. Likewise, Google will offer discounts on content in the Google Store, Play Store, and Google Express. Will they be good deals? No one knows.

New subscribers should be able to sign up for One now (or at least very soon) on the official landing page. Existing Drive storage subscribers should already be migrated to the new plans. Google One is only available in the US to start, but it will come to other regions in the not too distant future.

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