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ET Deals: Get a 49-Inch 4K TV for $230, $200 off Dell 34-Inch Curved Monitor

have discovered loads of other deals ranging from a curved 1440p monitor to wireless routers…

Mysterious ‘Rogue Planet’ Roams the Stars Alone, Not So Far From Earth

A massive planet 20 light years from Earth is the first to be discovered by radio astronomy — and the first rogue planet we've seen with such enormous auroras.

2018 Nissan Rogue Review: Slick Self-Driving Compact SUV

Nissan stitches spot-on lane centering assist and adaptive cruise control to make long-distance driving (also rush hour stop-and-go highways) hassle-free. ProPilot Assist is useful technology, not a gimmick.

Qualcomm Unveils More Powerful Snapdragon 670 Phone Chip

The Snapdragon 670 brings an unusual octa-core design with an upgraded graphics core to cheaper phones. Well, some cheaper phones.

Intel Unveils New Roadmap: New 14nm Chips in 2019, 10nm Ice Lake in 2020

Intel has released its own roadmap for the future of server CPUs — Cascade Lake is coming this year, Cooper Lake in 2019, and Ice Lake 10nm servers in 2020.

Magic Leap Has Launched, Hopefully With Parachutes

Magic Leap has finally launched — assuming you live in one of six cities, have several thousand dollars to spare, and don't mind taking a jump on an unproven, uncertain, technology platform.

Apple Tells Lawmakers iPhones Don’t Spy on Users

Apple has written to Congress, testifying that its phones do not spy on users or record audio data "adjacent" to commands to use Siri.

Google Says Android Pie Is ‘Powered by AI,’ But What Does That Mean?

When you do finally get the OTA notification, you might see a proclamation at the top that says Pie is "powered by AI," but what does that mean?

Astronomers Reveal 44 New Confirmed Exoplanets

Astronomers usually confirm new exoplanets a few at a time. Today, researchers from the University of Tokyo have certified a whopping 44 new exoplanets in a single go.

NASA’s TESS Spacecraft Captured Amazing Footage of a Comet During Testing

NASA happened to capture a comet in a TESS test observations, and it just released the stunning footage.

New Study Suggests ‘Hothouse Earth’ Could Be Inevitable

A new analysis suggests that even limiting emissions won't be able to stop the planet from warming considerably more than the agreed-upon 2-degree cutoff.

Fallout 76 Won’t Debut on Steam

Fallout 76 won't be available on the Steam gaming service, possibly because Bethesda wants to utilize its own Creation Club microtransaction service.