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Microsoft Reportedly Planning Another Dual-Screen Device for Some Reason

Microsoft is reportedly working on a larger, tablet-sized version of a dual-screen device.

Epic Games Is Gunning for Steam, Plans to Launch Rival Streaming Service

Steam may finally get serious competition for the hearts and minds of PC gamers.

New Retail Data Shows AMD CPUs Outselling Intel 2:1

Good news for AMD. Sales of the company's CPUs have spiked at retail, possibly pointing towards a bright Christmas for the company.

Industrial Plants Are Producing Man-Made Snow in Nebraska

Nebraskans are making their own weather today thanks to a few industrial plants, which are causing a dense band of snowfall.

Scientists Measure the Total Brightness of the Universe: 4 x 10⁸⁴ Photons

Using new measurement techniques, researchers have counted almost all the photons ever emitted in the universe. The final tally is a four followed by 84 zeros.

Report: Microsoft Will Scrap Edge for Chromium-Based Browser

Microsoft's revamped Edge browser remains but a tiny sliver of the browser market. The situation is so dire that Redmond is reportedly throwing in the towel on Edge as it currently exists.

Nvidia Open Sources PhysX, With a Few Caveats Attached

Nvidia has taken steps to open source its PhysX implementation. Even with a few caveats, it's still not something we ever thought we'd see.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe Reaches Asteroid Bennu

Eventually, OSIRIS-REx will graze the surface of Bennu to pick up a tiny bit of material to send back to Earth.

With Spintronics, Intel Sees Efficiency, Density Scaling Far Beyond CMOS

A new research paper from Intel suggests a new path forward for device scaling and lower power computing. We desperately need one.

Microsoft Plans Overhaul of Windows 10 Icons

Microsoft is taking its Office icon redesign and applying the same design principles across its operating system.

New MSI BIOS Unlocks Overclocking on AMD’s $55 Athlon 200GE CPU

Thanks to an MSI UEFI update, low-end chips like the Athlon 200GE are now unlocked and overclockable. Does that make them a better buy?

Nvidia AI Can Render Complete Urban Environments in Unreal Engine 4

Today, an AI can recognize objects in photos or help generate realistic computer speech, but Nvidia has successfully built a neural network that can create an entire virtual world with the help of a game engine.