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LG Says G7 ThinQ Speaker Will Be 10x Louder Than Other Phones

LG calls this design a "Boombox Speaker," employing terminology that many of today's smartphone buyers may never have used.

New Report Suggests Mercury’s Crust Is Thinner, Denser Than Thought

New data suggests Mercury's crust may be thinner than originally thought — and that the core may constitute an even larger percentage of the planetary surface.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s ‘Stuffed Animal’ Image Disqualified

Think you can cheat to win a prestigious photo competition? You might want to use your own stuffed anteater or tame wolf instead of borrowing ones that are well-known.

New MRAM Breakthrough Could Revolutionize CPU Designs

A new breakthrough in MRAM could finally see the technology emerge as a competitor to SRAM.

T-Mobile and Sprint Are Finally Merging

After years of flirting, T-Mobile and Sprint have announced that they're finally ready to tie the knot.

Gaia Spacecraft Creates Map of More Than 1 Billion Stars in Our Galaxy

The ESA's Gaia spacecraft has already been studying the Milky Way galaxy for several years, and the second major dataset from Gaia has pinpointed the position and brightness of 1.7 billion stars in our galaxy.

Stephen Hawking’s 5 Greatest Achievements

In honor of this scientific giant, we've put together a list of his five greatest achievements. It should go without saying that he accomplished so much more throughout his life, but we feel that these best summarize his impact on our world.

As AMD and Intel Struggle, a Competitive CPU Market Re-emerges

Everything old is new again — and in this case, what's new are process node problems and transition challenges.

Microsoft’s Next Windows 10 Update Arrives Monday

After a several-week delay, the Windows 10 April 2018 update is ready to roll.

Police Use Genealogy Web Service to Catch Golden State Killer Suspect

Joseph James DeAngelo, aged 72, has been living in the same areas terrorized by the Golden State Killer in the 1970s and 80s, and he might have continued to live a quiet and seemingly normal life if not for an online genealogy database.

ET Deals: Pre-Order Black Panther on 4K Blu-ray

Want your own copy of Black Panther as soon as possible? Walmart now has the pre-order option available for this wildly popular movie on 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and Digital. It ships on May 15th, so you're just a few weeks away from being able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Futuremark Adopts Parent Company’s Name, Becomes ‘UL Benchmarks’

The benchmarks aren't going away, but "Futuremark" is.