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New Switch Consoles Patch Homebrew Vulnerability

Nintendo appears to have patched one of the main flaws that makes homebrew development possible at the hardware level.

Xbox One Adds Support for Dolby Vision HDR

Microsoft's Xbox One X and Xbox One S now support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos — and very few devices in-market can make that claim.

GPU Prices Could Be About to Drop, but Is This the Time to Buy?

GPU prices could be about to drop again. Is this the right time to buy?

Google’s Spectre Fix Increases Chrome RAM Usage by 10 Percent

A new round of Spectre flaws have appeared, but Google is in the process of adding functionality to desktop Chrome that will block remote execution of Spectre. The downside, however, is Chrome will use even more RAM than it already does.

Tesla Hits 200,000 Sales: Countdown Starts for Lower Tax Credits, Then None

Tesla held sales under 200,000 until early this quarter, allowing thousands of additional buyers to get a $7,500 credit. It won't drop until January 2019.

Exoplanet Just 11 Light Years Away Could Support Life

Through analysis of the host star, researchers say the exoplanet is small, rocky, and could potentially support life.

ET Deals: Best Audible Deal for $5 per Month, Inspiron 15 Quad-Core Laptop for $480

We're only a few days away from Amazon's big Prime Day event, but the savings have already begun. Right now, you can get 66 percent off three months of an Audible subscription.

Magic Leap’s First Demo Is Anything but Impressive

The Magic Leap is officially coming, but if this demo is any indication you might want to save your money.

NASA May Have Accidentally Destroyed Evidence of Organics on Mars 40 Years Ago

It turns out that NASA might have discovered and accidentally destroyed organic molecules on Mars back in the 1970s.

ARM Kills Its RISC-V FUD Website After Staff Revolt

ARM has retreated from its unprovoked attacks on RISC-V after the company's own employees threw a fit about it.

Scientists May Have Solved One of Earth’s Greatest Climate Mysteries

Thanks to some ancient shells, we may finally know what caused a chilly period called the Younger Dryas.

Intel Announces New Entry-Level Xeon E-2100 Family

Intel's new Xeon E-2100 platform is the company's replacement for the old Xeon E3 series — and it brings Coffee Lake goodness to the series as a whole.