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ET Deals: Alienware Gaming Laptop for $1259, $100 off Apple Watch Series 1

have put together a huge list of the best deals all over the net. From gaming laptops to headphones to smart sunglasses, there's something here for everyone.

How Do SSDs Work?

Ever wondered how SSDs read and write data, or what determines their performance? Our tech explainer has you covered.

NASA’s Open Source Rover Is a Miniature Curiosity You Can Build Yourself

Engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have created the Open Source Rover. It's a small Curiosity-style rover you can build yourself.

AMD’s B450 Chipset Brings Advanced Features to Budget Ryzen Motherboards

The new B450 chipset opens up powerful features to more price-conscious Ryzen builders.

Lenovo X1 Carbon vs. Yoga: Which ThinkPad Model Is Right for You?

Lenovo has introduced two variants of its flagship ThinkPad X1 to appeal to both traditional business users and stylus-loving creatives. We tested the latest versions of each.

Turing Robotics Announces Another Phone That Will Never Ship

TRI has returned with a phone concept so improbable that it's actually funny. Meet, the HubblePhone.

Sodium-ion Batteries Could Get Better Thanks to Graphene and Lasers

With the aid of lasers and graphene, researchers may have developed a new type of sodium-ion battery that works better and could reduce the cost of battery technology by an order of magnitude.

OpenAI Robotic Hand Learns How to Work Without Human Examples

A company called OpenAI says it has developed a robot hand that grips objects in a more human-like way, and it didn't have to be taught by humans — it learned all on its own.

The Worst CPUs Ever Made

Most of the time at wfoojjaec, we celebrate the best of technology. Today, we're hailing the worst.

Sony PS4 Poised to Pass PS3 Lifetime Sales, Switch Breaks 20 Million Units

Sony and Nintendo both posted tremendous sales figures for Q2, with the PS4 poised to surpass the PS3's lifetime sales and the Switch approaching 20 million units shipped.

HP Launches $10,000 Bug Bounty for Printers

HP is opening a new bug bounty program that is the first of its kind — HP wants hackers to break into its printers.

Intel’s Entire 2018, 2019 CPU Roadmap May Have Just Leaked

Intel's desktop roadmap for 2018 - 2019 has purportedly leaked. Despite the chatter, a new Core i9 could be some months away.